Santoyo Truck Parts And Repair
Offers good quality parts and the best prices for all kind of heavy, medium and light duty trucks.
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Suspension parts, leaf springs, bushings, drag links, king pin sets, crosstubes,
shock absorbers, tensors, spring pins, etc..

Belts, tensioners, air bags, hydraulic hoses, hydraulic fittings, a/c fittings and
hoses, water hoses.

A/C compresssors, condensers, evaporators, a/c dryers, accumulators, expansion
valves, thermosthats, pressure swicthes, clutches, orifice tubes, castrol a/c oil


Oil seals, differential and transmission bearings kits, hub caps.

Water pumps, air compressors, brake valves, slack adjusters, actuators, electrical,
air dryers, hydraulic, air wiper motors,  fan clutches, suspension controls, abs.


Fan drives, fan blades, fan clutch repair kits, solenoids.


Transmission and differential parts, king pin sets, tie rods, drag links, brake
valves, leveling valves, yokes, electrical parts, ignition parts, military, power
steering pumps and gears, pto's, etc..

Engine oil additives, injector cleaner, power steering fluids, gear oil, grease


Oil Seals, any kind of bearings.

Differential parts, brake chambers, slack adjusters, mack parts, clutches, all kind
of valves, etc.

Brake drums, studs, hubs, spoke wheel, and more.

Brake and wheel parts, chambers, suspension, shocks absorbers, studs, nuts.

Brake and wheel parts, chambers, suspension, shocks absorbers, studs, nuts.

Radiator fluids, cleaners, aditives, brake cleaner, starting fluids, silicone products,
penetratring oil, lubricants.


Fire Extinguishers.


Brass fittings, adapters, air hoses, drain valves.


Trailer air products, cable ties, battery cables, battery terminals, tubing, air hoses.


Tarps and tarp systems to cover asphalt, sand, gravel, sod, garbage, concrete
and lumber.  Custom made tarps available upon request


Wiper products.


Aftermarket mack parts, engine, transmission, differential, airline, cab and chassis


Aftermarket engine parts, piston kits, major and minor rebuild kits, gasket sets,
filtration systems.

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